The response to my portfolio over the past year has been extremely gratifying with my work being embraced by private collectors; among others.

  At the Bar Harbor show this past June, I was encouraged to expand my offerings beyond the classic matted and framed print.

In line with those requests; I am pleased to offer select images in a new and exciting presentation.

Acrylic - A high definition FujiFlex Crystal Archive silver halide print is face-mounted to the underside of TruLife Acrylic glass and encapsulated with a panel of Dibond aluminum for a clean crystal-clear frameless presentation. 

The result is not unlike the look one sees on an Ultra Hi-Def television screen, tablet or phone. 

This special acrylic is of museum-grade quality, UV resistant, glare and static free. The print is NOT ink-jet.

  For those familiar with the work of Peter Lik, this is his preferred method of showcasing his images.

Final cost is dependent on the overall size requested:

Acrylic Face Mount - $125 a square foot.

By offering this new style , I can greatly expand the range of sizes well beyond the framed sizes currently in my catalog.

This pricing includes Maine Sales Tax and the shipping directly to your home address from the lab. 

Any requests exceeding 72" in length will require a quote for additional shipping.

Usual time for fulfillment of your order is two weeks from the the first business day the order is in-house at the lab.

As time goes on, I will be populating this site with representations of this new styles in the images I deem suitable.

 Depending on how large you want to take it, will determine if my older images have the resolution necessary to achieve the desired effect.

  If you see a framed image in the catalog and would like to explore the possibilities in Acrylic,

please use the Contact page and let me know of your interest and we will work-out at the details.

Thank you for continued interest and patronage,

Scott Wardwell