It is my hope that you have found a piece that makes a connection with you and is worthy of being displayed in your home or office.

All images (except for those in personal-project portfolios) are offered as mounted framed pieces.  Depending on the aspect ratio of the finished image area, they are either Rectangular or Panoramic framing consisting of simple square-edge black-painted pine frames with a standard white acid-free mat board and assembled using archival standards.  Pricing is as follows:

Rectangular Framed Prints   -  11' x 14"  -  $ 95            16" x 20"  -  $ 140            20" x 32"  -  $ 210

Panoramic Framed Prints  -  12" x 28"  -  $ 140            16" x 40"  -  $ 210

Shipping is Included - Continental USA, Alaska & Hawaii   /  Call Or Email for Additional Shipping Charges Outside the USA

My personal printer is an EPSON R-2000 utilizing a range of papers from CANSON, EPSON and RED RIVER.  The type and finish of the paper is at my discretion.

I utilize local labs for larger prints outside the capabilities of the R-2000, should the need arise.

As the artist, I perform all the work from the photography, digital darkroom work, printing, milling and fabricating the frames, custom cutting of the mat board, mounting the print and final assembly of the piece including glazing, dust cover paper and finishing off with D-ring hooks and a stainless steel hanging wire.  I sign the mat board and affix a label to the back authenticating the piece.

While I do not classify these pieces as limited-editions, I still consider them to be art and not disposable wall-decor as I endeavor to make the finished artwork as archival as possible. 

 I strive to maintain their value for the future by not making them available as generic digital file downloads or stock images.  I do reserve the right to allow for their print publication should the opportunity arise.    

Should you decide to purchase a particular photograph, make note of the title and what size you wish.  Use the "CONTACT" page to let me know of your intention to purchase and well as your physical mailing address.  Once I have received your confirmed order and payment In either a check or credit card info, please allow about 3 weeks for fulfillment; as each piece Is custom-built to order.  I use SQUARE credit card processing.

Should you have any requests for items outside my standard offerings, please feel free to contact me and we can discuss your idea.